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Vinyar Tengwar #42 (VT42)

The forty-second issue of Vinyar Tengwar. It contains two linguistic articles. The first article, The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor (Carl Hostetter, VT42/5-31), discusses an unpublished essay of Tolkien on the topic, excerpts of which appeared in The Unfinished Tales (UT). It includes an appendix on Eldarin numbers. The second article, “Negation in Quenya” (Bill Welden, VT42/32-34), discusses various (incompatible) ideas Tolkien had for the formation of negatives in Eldarin languages in different periods of his life. The editor’s response to a letter on VT42/4 includes some otherwise unpublished notes on the derivation of Eriador.

Needs review.