Help: This help section is replaced by the search results when you first begin searching. You can use the “...” button to show/hide the search filters and the “?” button to show/hide help text during a search.

This advanced search allow you to search for raw references of Elvish words (and other languages) as they appeared in Tolkien’s original texts. You can only search the Elvish (or other language) words, not English glosses. The same result may appear multiple times if there are multiple references matching it. Where a given reference appears many times in a particular work, however, sometimes only notable or initial references are included or a reference to the index.

Match Diacritics: By default this advanced search is by exact match (c matches only c and k matches only k), but ignores diacritics (u matches ū, ŭ, ū). For exact matches on diacritics as well, choose “match diacritics”.

Regular Expressions: This search supports regular expressions, allowing you to specify more advanced matching criteria. For example “^t” matches words that begin with t, “t$” matches words that end with t, and “.t.” matches t preceded and followed by at least one more character (in other words, in the interior of the word). Quite complex searches are possible, such as “rd[aeiouy]” which matches “rd” followed by any (Sindarin) vowel, which would exclude “rdh”. An internet search can be used to find documentation on “JavaScript Regular Expressions”, which is what this search engine uses. A good regex summary can be found at https://www.rexegg.com/regex-quickstart.html and here is a good tutorial: https://regexone.com.

Inflection Search: TBD - A future version of the advanced search will allow searches for inflected forms (e.g. past tenses).