ᴹQ. Ingweqenya pn.

ᴹQ. Ingwequenya, pn.

A term for the dialect of Qenya spoken in the house of Ingwe appearing in linguistic notes from the 1930s (LR/172, 193), it is simply a combination of the name of the Elf-lord prepended to the language.

References ✧ LR/172, 193; LRI/Ingwëa, Ingwiqen(d)ya



Ingwe “Prince of Elves” ✧ LR/193
Qenya “Elvish (Tongue), Elfspeech, Elf-latin; belonging to the Qendi, Quendian” ✧ LR/172; LR/193 (Quenya)
Ingwi ✧ LR/171