ᴱQ. ma kaire laiqen ondolissen kirya maita? “*does a ship lie maimed on green rocks?”

⚠️ᴱQ. ma caire laiquen ondolissen cirya maita? “*does a ship lie maimed on green rocks?”

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The tenth phrase (lines 19-20) of the intermediate version of the Oilima Markirya poem (PE16/77). The first word is the interrogative particle ma² followed by the present 3rd-singular feminine form of the verb kaya- “to lie”. The subject of the phrase is kirya “ship”, followed by the modifying adjective maita “maimed” and preceded by the clause laiqen ondolissen, the locative plural of the adjective laiqa “green” and the noun ondo “rock”.

This phrase corresponds to the lines of the English translations of the poem LA2a-LA2b (PE16/68-9): “who shall heed a dead ship/drowned boat lying on the green rocks”. It also resembles the seventeenth line in the first English translation LA1a (PE16/67): “a ship lay upon the green rocks”.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

ma kai-re laikve-n ondo-li-ssen kirya maita = “*does lie-she green-(plural) rock-(plural)-on ship maimed”

Reference ✧ PE16/77 ✧ ma kaire laikven ondolissen kirya maita?


ma² “*interrogative particle” ✧ PE16/77
kaya- “to lie” present 3rd-sg-fem ✧ PE16/77 (kaire)
laiqa “green” locative plural ✧ PE16/77 (laikven)
ondo “stone, rock” locative plural ✧ PE16/77 (ondolissen)
kirya “ship, boat” ✧ PE16/77
maita “maimed” ✧ PE16/77

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