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ᴺS. !celias n. “(artificial) light, illumination” (Category: Light)

ᴺS. !celias, n. “(artificial) light, illumination” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Light)

A neologism coined by Paul Strack in 2018 specifically for Eldamo, an abstraction based on ᴺS. celia- “to illuminate”.


!celia- “to illuminate, light up; to illustrate”

G. danthos n. “(artificial) light, illumination” (Category: Light)

A noun in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “(artificial) light, illumination”, an abstract form of G. dantha- “illuminate” (GL/29).

Reference ✧ GL/29 ✧ “(artificial) light, illumination”


dantha- “to illuminate, light up, illustrate” ✧ GL/29
#-os¹ “abstract noun” ✧ GL/29 (#-os)