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ᴺS. !thorombar n. “eagle’s nest, eyrie” (Category: Eagle, Hawk)

ᴺS. !thorombar, n. “eagle’s nest, eyrie” [created by Elaran] (Category: Eagle, Hawk)
G. thrond “(eyrie), pinnacle”

A neologism coined by Elaran, a combination of S. thoron “eagle” and S. bâr (mb-) “home”.


S. thoron “eagle”
S. bâr “house, dwelling, home”

G. inthorn n. “eagle’s nest, eyrie” (Category: Eagle, Hawk)

A noun in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “eagle’s nest, eyrie”, a combination of G. thorn “eagle” with the prefix G. in- “house of” (GL/51).

References ✧ GL/51, 73; LT2A/Ulmonan




in- “house of” ✧ GL/51; LT2A/Ulmonan
thorn “eagle”