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ᴺS. !uitha- v. “to smoke (trans.)” (Category: Smoke)

ᴺS. !uitha-, v. “to smoke (trans.)” [created by Shihali] (Category: Smoke)
G. fuctha- “to smoke (over a wood fire)”
G. fugla- “to smoke (a pipe)”

A neologism coined Shihali in a Discord chat from 2018-04-20 as a transitive verb for “to smoke”, based on *usuktā- from the root √USUK which is generally used for “smoke” words in Neo-Eldarin. In the phonetic development from ancient *usuktā-, intervocalic [s] became [h] and then vanished as usual, while the diphthong ui arose because of the vocalization of the spirant [x] to [i] before [θ] after the pair of stops [kt] became spirantal [xθ]; compare S. nuitha- < ✶nuktā- (WJ/413).