Ilk. [sn] became [nn]; [sn] > [nn]

Ilk. [sn] became [nn]; [sn] > [nn]

Based on the example ᴹ✶besnō > Ilk. benn (Ety/BES), it seems that [sn] became [nn] in Ilkorin, as was also the case in Old Noldorin. It is unclear whether such assimilation also occurred for [s] followed by [m], [l] and [r], as happened in Welsh (WGHC/§95ii) and Old Noldorin.

Order (02800)

After 01700 [e], [o] became [i], [u] before [nn], [nd], [ŋg] ᴹ✶besnō > Ilk. benn Ety/BES

Phonetic Rule Elements

[sn] > [nn]

Phonetic Rule Examples

besno > benno sn > nn ᴹ✶besnō > Ilk. benn ✧ Ety/BES