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ᴱ√ÞṆKṆ root. “*hate”

⚠️ᴱ√ÞṆKṆ root. “*hate”

A variant root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s given under the entry for ᴱ√SṆKṆ “rend, tear” with which it was confused, but having derivatives like ᴱQ. sanka⁽²⁾ “hate, fierce hatred” and ᴱQ. sanke “hateful” (QL/85). In the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon, words like G. thanc “loathing, hatred” and G. thancol “loathsome” were probably related (GL/72). But the Gnomish Lexicon also had a base form sag- with derivatives like G. sactha- “fight” and G. sagruith “hatred; revenge”, which could represent another variant *ᴱ√SAKA (GL/66); in the Qenya Lexicon it seems ᴱ√SAKA = “*search” (QL/81). Some of the derivatives of Gnomish sag-, such as G. sanc “jag, tooth”, seem to be connected to ᴱ√SṆKṆ “rend, tear” instead. There are no signs of this root in Tolkien’s later writing.

References ✧ GL/66; QL/85