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ᴺS. !anóren adj. “sunny” (Category: Sun)

ᴺS. !anóren, adj. “sunny” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Sun)

A neologism for “sunny” coined by Paul Strack in 2018 specifically for Eldamo, an adjectival form of S. Anor “sun”, intended as a replacement for Gnomish áugwila from the 1910s of the same meaning.


S. Anor “Sun”
S. #-en¹ “adjective suffix”

G. áugwila adj. “sunny, sunlit” (Category: Sun)

A word for “sunny, sunlit” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, apparently an adjectival form of G. augla “ray of sunlight, sunbeam” (GL/20). This function of the accent mark on the initial áu is not clear.

Reference ✧ GL/20 ✧ “sunny, sunlit”


augla “ray of sunlight, sunbeam” ✧ GL/20