S. Gelmir m.

S. Gelmir, m.

Two Elves had this name: the brother of Gwindor (S/188) and a messenger sent by the people of Angrod to Nargothrond (S/212). This name might be a combination of [N.] gell “joy” and mîr “jewel”, as suggested by David Salo (GS/350).

Conceptual Development: In very early drafts of the Silmarillion from the late 1920s, ᴱN. Gelmir was the king of the Gnomes (SM/6), son of ᴱN. Fingolfin (PE15/63).

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N. gell “joy, triumph, (?victory)”
mîr “jewel, precious thing, treasure”

ᴱN. Gelmir m.

References ✧ PE15/63; SMI