Ilk. [l̥] ‹lh›

Ilk. [l̥] ‹lh›

A voiceless liquid [l̥] developed in Ilkorin from the initial clusters [kʰl] and [sl] (PE19/21). It seems likely the change would have occurred medially as well for the cluster [kʰl], though there it may have become a long voiceless [l̥l̥].

References ✧ PE18/105; PE19/21


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶khl- > lh- [kʰl-] > [xl-] > [l̥-] ✧ PE19/21

Phonetic Development

Ilk. initial [s] unvoiced following [l], [r], [w] l̥- < sl- ✧ PE18/105 (l > lh); PE19/21 (sl- > lh-)