Ilk. long vowels shortened in final syllables; [-SV̄C] > [-SV̆C]

Ilk. long vowels shortened in final syllables; [-SV̄C] > [-SV̆C]

There are several clear examples of Ilkorin words that had long vowels in what would eventually become its final syllable, but the vowel is short in the Ilkorin word: ᴹ✶luktiēnē > Dor. Luthien (Ety/LUK) and ᴹ✶Ndanithārō > Dor. Denithor (LR/188). There are also no Ilkorin polysyllables with long vowels in the final syllable. The likeliest explanation was that long vowels were shortened in final syllables. The rule also seems to apply to compounds, such as Ilk. Dolmed “Wet Head” = dol + mêd (Ety/MIZD).

Phonetic Rule Elements

[-SēC] > [-SĕC]
[-SōC] > [-SŏC]

Phonetic Rule Examples

luθiēn > luθien -SēC > -SĕC ᴹ✶luktı̯ēnē > Dor. Luthien ✧ Ety/LUK
balθōr > balθor -SōC > -SŏC ᴹ✶bal’tār- > Ilk. Balthor ✧ Ety/BAL
garōn > garon -SōC > -SŏC ᴹ√ƷAR > Dor. garon ✧ Ety/ƷAR
geliōn > gelion -SōC > -SŏC ᴹ√GAL > Ilk. gelion ✧ Ety/GYEL
lindōn > lindon -SōC > -SŏC ᴹ✶Lindān-d > Ilk. Lindon ✧ Ety/LIN²
ndeniθōr > ndeniθor -SōC > -SŏC ᴹ✶ndani-thārō > Dor. Deniþor ✧ LR/188