Ad. Avallôni loc. “Haven of the Gods”

Ad. Avallôni loc. “Haven of the Gods”

The Adûnaic name for Tol Eressëa, though it may also (or instead) have referred the Blessed Realm, home of the Valar (SD/241). It was translated “Haven of the Gods” (SD/361). Given its meaning, the name seems to contain the word Ad. Avalô, the Adûnaic name for the Valar. It seems likely that Ad. Avallôni is direct borrowing of Q. Avallónë “Outer Isle”, reinterpreted by the Númenorieans to fit their language. It is probably pronounced [awallōni], since the sound [w] in Adûnaic was sometime written “v” (SD/434).

Conceptual Development: An earlier form of this name, Avallondē may have been a mixed name, containing the Quenya element ᴹQ. londe (SD/344).

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Avalô “Power, God”