ᴱQ. níve qímari ringa ambar “the pale phantoms in her cold bosom”

⚠️ᴱQ. níve químari ringa ambar, “the pale phantoms in her cold bosom”

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The third line of the Oilima Markirya poem (MC/213). The first word is plural of the adjective níva “pale” modifying the plural of the noun qímar “phantom”. This followed by the adjective ringa “cold” modifying the noun ambar² “bosom”. It seems that the words “her” and “in” do not appear in the Quenya phrase, although Gilson, Welden, and Hostetter suggested ambar might be an idiomatic dative form of a variant noun amba “bosom” (PE16/82, notes on line #3).

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

nív-e qímar-i ringa ambar = “*pale-(plural) phantom-(plural) cold bosom”

Reference ✧ MC/213 ✧ “the pale phantoms in her cold bosom”


#níva “pale” plural ✧ MC/213 (níve)
#qímar “phantom” plural ✧ MC/213 (qímari)
ringa “cold, damp, chilly” ✧ MC/213
ambar² “breast, bosom” ✧ MC/213

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