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ñgothō n. “foe”

ñgothō n. “foe”

This primitive word is attested in the form ñgothō as part of a later version of the ancient name of Morgoth, but it difficult to reconcile with attested derivatives. It would have produced S. *goth instead of attested coth and Q. ñotho instead of attested kotumo. It probably also means that the root ᴹ√KOT(H) and all of its derivatives would need to be altered to have an initial ✶ñg-.

Rather than eliminate all of these derivatives, this entry uses the unattested form ✶kottō as the primitive word for "foe".

Reference ✧ PE19/81 ✧ “foe”

Element In


ᴹ✶kotse n.

References ✧ EtyAC/KOT