Ad. Abrazân m. “*Steadfast, Faithful”

Ad. Abrazân m. “*Steadfast, Faithful”
The Adûnaic name that Lowdham used to address Jeremy in Tolkien’s unfinished story: “The Notion Club Papers” (SD/252). In an earlier version of the story, Jeremy was called ᴹQ. Voronwe (SD/290) and Abrazân may be the Adûnaic equivalent of that name, meaning “Steadfast, Faithful”. If so, its first element is probably related to Ad. abâr “strength, endurance, fidelity”. Andreas Moehn suggested (EotAL/BAR) that the entire name may be the agental-formation of an unattested verb *abrazâ- “to stand fast”.

References ✧ SD/252, 290; SDI2/Abrazân




*-ân² “agental suffix”