ᴱQ. Toros Valinoriva loc. “*Mountains of Valinor”

⚠️ᴱQ. Toros Valinoriva, loc. “*Mountains of Valinor”

Mountains in Valinor in a very early map, which Christopher Tolkien translated as the “Mountains of Valinor” (LT1/64, 84-5). Its initial element might be an early variant of oro “hill” followed by an adjectival form of Valinor.

Reference ✧ LT1/85 ✧ Toros valinoriva “*Mountains of Valinor”


oro “hill” plural ✧ LT1/85 (Toros)
Valinor “Land of the Gods” adjectival ✧ LT1/85 (valinoriva)