S. Haudh in Gwanûr loc. “*Burial Mound of the Twins”

S. Haudh in Gwanûr, loc. “*Burial Mound of the Twins”

Burial mound of twin brothers (LotR/1054), a combination of haudh “mound”, the plural in of the definite article and the old dual form gwanûr of gwanunig “twin”.

References ✧ LotR/1054; LotRI/Haudh in Gwanûr


haudh “(funeral) mound, grave; heap, piled mound” ✧ LotR/1054
“the” plural ✧ LotR/1054 (in)
gwanunig “twin” dual ✧ LotR/1054 (Gwanûr)