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*ᴱ√TIÐI root. “‽stick up”

⚠️*ᴱ√TIÐI root. “‽stick up”
TOL “stick up or out, stand up (out and above neighboring things), raise the head”

A root given as ᴱ√TIŘI [TIÐI] “stick up” in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s (though Tolkien marked the gloss with “?”), with derivatives like ᴱQ. tinda “spike”, ᴱQ. tirin “tower”, and ᴱQ. tirion “a mighty tower, a city on a hill” (QL/93). In later writings, the city name Q. Tirion “Great Watch Tower” (RGEO/65) or “Watchful City” (MR/176) was almost certainly derived from the root √TIR “watch”.

References ✧ LT1A/Kortirion; QL/93