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KETH root. “enquire of, question, examine something”

KETH root. “enquire of, question, examine something”
ᴱ√SAKA “*search”
ᴱ√TUKU “*search, find”

This root appeared in 1964 etymological notes as KEÞ [KETH] glossed “enquire of, question, examine something”, with derivatives like Q. ces- “to search, examine (something)”, Q. cesta- “to seek, search for”, and Q. cesya- “to cause interest, (lit.) to cause one to enquire”; the root was initially given as (rejected) KES (PE17/156). Given the root meaning “question”, it is probably related to the earlier verb ᴹQ. kesta- “ask” appearing in Quendian & Common Eldarin Verbal Structure (PE22/97), Quenya Verbal System (PE22/118, 120-122) and Common Eldarin: Verb Structure (PE22/138-139) from the late 1940s and early 1950s.

References ✧ PE17/156