Ilk. [eu], [iu] became [io]; [eu|iu] > [io]

Ilk. [eu], [iu] became [io]; [eu|iu] > [io]

These developments were described in the Comparative Tables (PE19/25), but there is only one attested example of each: ᴹ✶ndeuro > Dor. Dior (Ety/NDEW) and ᴹ✶tiukā > Ilk. tiog (Ety/TIW).

Phonetic Rule Elements

[eu] > [io] ✧ PE19/25 (eu > io)
[iu] > [io] ✧ PE19/25 (iu > io)

Phonetic Rule Examples

ndeuro > ndioro eu > io ᴹ✶ndeuro > Dor. Dior ✧ Ety/NDEW
tiuka > tioka iu > io ᴹ✶tiu̯kā > Ilk. tiog ✧ Ety/TIW