Ad. nûph n. (weak-I gendered common) “fool” (Category: Stupid, Foolish)

Ad. nûph n. (weak-I gendered common) “fool” (Category: Stupid, Foolish)

A noun translated “fool” and fully declined as an example of a Weak I noun (SD/437-8). It was later written in the form nîph (SD/426), but since all the attested declensions are based on nûph, the entry here uses the earlier form.

The word nûph is a common-noun but it has some example inflections with masculine and feminine suffixes: nûphun (masculine subjective), nûphin (feminine subjective), nûphi (feminine objective). This seems to be another way that an individual’s gender be indicated (“male fool”, “female fool”) instead of using explicit masucline and feminine suffixes like or .

References ✧ SD/426, 437-438




nūphā̆t dual; normal-and-subjective ✧ SD/438
nūphi- objective; fem ✧ SD/438: f.
nūphu- objective ✧ SD/438
nūphī plural ✧ SD/438
nūphīm plural subjective ✧ SD/438
núphin subjective; fem ✧ SD/438: f.
núphun subjective; masc ✧ SD/438: m.
nūphan subjective ✧ SD/438