S. Taur e-Ndaedelos loc. “Forest of the Great Fear”

S. Taur e-Ndaedelos, loc. “Forest of the Great Fear”

The Sindarin name of Mirkwood, translated “Forest of the Great Fear” (LotR/1134), a combination of taur “forest”, en¹ “of the” and the mutated form of daedelos “horrible fear”.

References ✧ LotR/1134; LotRI/Mirkwood; UT/281; UTI/Taur-e-Ndaedelos



taur “forest, wood” ✧ LotR/1134
en¹ “of the” elided ✧ LotR/1134 (e)
daedelos “horrible fear” mixed-mutation ✧ LotR/1134 (Ndaedelos)