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ᴺS. !cevemphast n. “earth quake” (Category: Earth, Land)

ᴺS. !cevemphast, n. “earth quake” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Earth, Land)

A neologism for “earthquake” created by Paul Strack in 2021 specifically for Eldamo, inspired by Gnomish G. maragwast from the 1910s but with its elements updated to S. ceven “earth” and ᴺS. past “shaking”. Another possibility would be cevemmast if it were a more ancient compound with medial mph > mm, but I think the elements would remain transparent and the word would be reformed to back to cevemphast.


S. ceven “*Earth”
^past “shaking”


G. maragwast n. “earth quake” (Category: Earth, Land)

A word in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “earth quake”, a combination G. mar “earth” and the lenited form of G. cwast “shaking” (GL/56).

Reference ✧ GL/56 ✧ “earth quake”


mar “Earth, ground, soil” ✧ GL/56
cwast “shaking” soft-mutation ✧ GL/56 (gwast)