Ilk. daum n. “night-time, gloom” (Category: Darkness)

Ilk. daum n. “night-time, gloom” (Category: Darkness)

A noun meaning “night-time, gloom”, derived from root ᴹ√DOƷ (Ety/DOƷ). The development of its Noldorin and Quenya cognates point to a primitive form of ᴹ✶doʒmē [doɣmē] (Ety/DOƷ, DOMO). This word probably underwent development similar to its Noldorin cognate N. daw but with the retention of the final [-m]: ✶doʒmē > dogme > doume > Ilk. daum. The word Ilk. caun has an attested development that also follows this pattern (Ety/KUƷ). Helge Fauskanger suggested this same phonological history in his study of Ilkorin (Al-Ilkorin/daum).

Reference ✧ Ety/DOƷ ✧ “night-time, gloom”



Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√DOƷ/DÔ > daum [doɣmē] > [doɣme] > [dogme] > [doume] > [doum] > [daum] ✧ Ety/DOƷ