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ᴱ√LOYO root. “*thirst, parched”

⚠️ᴱ√LOYO root. “*thirst, parched”
LOY “go wrong, fail, [ᴹ√] miss, fail to go; ⚠️lack, be without”

An unglossed root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s with derivatives mostly having to do with thirst such as ᴱQ. loima “parched, dry”, ᴱQ. loime “thirst”, and ᴱQ. loyo- “be thirsty” (QL/55). Tolkien first gave the root as LOẎO, indicating an ancient palatal [c] or [ɟ], but changed it to LOY̯O indicating ancient [j]. It also had derivatives in contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon, such as G. luib “thirsty” and G. luista- “to parch, dry up” (GL/55). In Tolkien’s later writing, the root √LOY has to do with failure and mistakes.

References ✧ QL/56