S. Bar-en-Danwedh loc. “House of Ransom”

S. Bar-en-Danwedh, loc. “House of Ransom”

The name that Mîm gave to his home after he was forced to give it to Túrin in exchange for his life, translated “House of Ransom” (S/203). The initial element of the name is bâr “house” (SA/bar), followed by en¹ “of” and danwedh “ransom”.

References ✧ S/203; SA/bar; SI; UTI



bâr “house, dwelling, home” ✧ S/203 (Bar); SA/bar (bar)
en¹ “of the” ✧ S/203
danwedh “ransom” mixed-mutation ✧ S/203