Ad. Aglarrâma pn. “Castle of the Sea”

Ad. Aglarrâma pn. “Castle of the Sea”
An earlier name for the ship Alcarondas, likely the Adûnaic equivalent of that name (SD/372, PM/156). Aglarrâma was glossed “Castle of the Sea”, but many students of Tolkien’s languages feel that this is unlikely to be a literal translation of the name. The first part of its Quenya name is Q. alcar “glory”, and the element Ad. aglar of its Adûnaic name may have the same meaning, possibly as a loan word from S. aglar. It is not clear what the last element of the name would mean. This analysis is all rather speculative, since it isn’t even clear what languages the names Aglarrâma and Alcarondas belong to.

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?aglar “glory”