Ilk. [ǣ] became [ē]; [ǣ] > [ē]

Ilk. [ǣ] became [ē]; [ǣ] > [ē]

This rule was described in the Comparative Tables (PE19/25), but there is only one attested example: ᴹ✶kwǣnē > Ilk. cwên (EtyAC/KWǢ). The same rule applied in “Sindarin” [Beleriandic] development in Tolkien’s linguistic notes from around 1950, but at this later conceptual stage the primitive vowel was [ę̄] (PE18/96).

Reference ✧ PE18/47

Phonetic Rule Elements

[ǣ] > [ē] ✧ PE18/47 ([ǣ] > [ē]); PE18/96 (ę̄ > ē); PE19/25 (ǣ > ē)

Phonetic Rule Examples

kwǣne > kwēne ǣ > ē ᴹ✶kwǣ-nē > Ilk. cwēn ✧ EtyAC/KWǢ