Q. Rómendacil m. “East-victor, East-slayer”

Q. Rómendacil, m. “East-victor, East-slayer”

A name assumed by the 8th and 19th kings of Gondor to celebrate their victories in the East (LotR/1038, 1044; Let/425). This name is a combination of rómen “east” and the suffix -(n)dacil “-victor, -slayer”, also seen in Hyarmendacil and Umbardacil.

References ✧ Let/425; LotR/1044; LotRI; PM/197; PMI/Rómendakil; UT/319; UTI




rómen “east, uprising, sunrise” ✧ LotR/1044
#-ndacil “-victor, -slayer” suffix ✧ LotR/1044 (#-dacil); PM/197 (#-dacil)