Q. Palantir m. “Far-sighted”

Q. Palantir, m. “Far-sighted”

Tar-Palantir was the 24th ruler of Númenor and the last of the Elf-friends to rule that nation (LotR/1036, S/269). His name is a compound of palan “far” and a form of tir- “to watch” (SA/palan, tir) and was translated as “Far-sighted” (LotR/1035, S/269) or “He who looks afar” (SI/Tar-Palantir).

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palan “far, wide, afar, distant” ✧ SA/palan
tir- “to watch (over), guard, heed; to look (at), gaze, observe”
TIR “watch (over), look at, observe, gaze at” ✧ SA/tir