Q. Irildë f. “?Beloved Brilliance”

Q. Irildë, f. “?Beloved Brilliance”

The original Quenya name of Idril (WJ/235), a derivative of the roots √ID and √RIL (PE17/112), perhaps meaning something like “*Beloved Brilliance”. This name sometimes appeared as Írildë with a long Í (PE17/112, TAI/193), a form of the name that was also given to the sister of Hallatan: see Írildë.

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name first appeared as ᴱQ. Irilde (LT2/216), though at this stage it was translated “Mortal Maiden” (LT2A/Idril, GL/50). ᴹQ. Irilde appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s as a cognate of N. Idhril (Ety/KYELEP); at this point Idhril (Idril) was given as a derivative of ᴹ√ID (Ety/ID).

Later still, Tolkien became dissatisfied with the etymology of Idril and changed her Quenya name to Q. Itarillë; see that entry for that name for further details.

References ✧ NM/349; PE17/112; TAI/193; WJ/235; WJI/Idril



Írildeo genitive “of Idril” ✧ TAI/193


ID “desire, long for” ✧ PE17/112 (ID); PE17/112
RIL “brilliant (light), brilliance” ✧ PE17/112 (RIL); PE17/112

Element In



ᴹQ. Irilde f. “Idhril”

See Q. Irildë for discussion.

Reference ✧ Ety/KYELEP ✧ “Idhril”


ᴱQ. Irilde f. “Mortal Maiden”

See Q. Irildë for discussion.

References ✧ GL/50; LT2/216; LT2A/Idril; LT2I/Irildë; PE13/99, 103-104; PE15/27