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ᴺS. [N.] ^maeas n. “dough” (Category: Dough)

ᴺS. [N.] ^maeas, n. “dough” (Category: Dough)
See N. moeas for discussion.


^mae² “soft, pliant”

N. moeas n. “dough” (Category: Dough)

A word appearing as N. moeas “dough” in The Etymologies of the 1930s, an elaboration of primitive ᴹ✶mazgē (probably *mazgassē) under the root ᴹ√MASAG “knead” (Ety/MASAG).

Neo-Sindarin: It is common to adapt this word as ᴺS. maeas for purposes of Neo-Sindarin, since the diphthong oe < older ai in Noldorin of the 1930s generally became ae in Sindarin of the 1950s and 60s: compare N. oel “lake” vs. S. ael. However, the word moeas < *mazgassē has other phonological difficulties, since the phonetic developments of ancient zg were also different in Sindarin. See the entry on how [zb], [zg] became [ðβ], [ðɣ] for further discussion, as well as (rejected) N. madhias “softness” which shows the expected developments (EtyAC/MASAG). I personally retain ᴺS. maeas “dough” and assume it is the result of alternate developments, but ᴺS. madhias “dough” would be a reasonable alternative that better fits later Sindarin phonology.

References ✧ Ety/MASAG; EtyAC/MASAG



moe “soft, pliant” ✧ Ety/MASAG
#-as “abstract noun” ✧ Ety/MASAG (#-as)