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ᴺQ. !minaxanwa adj. “enchained, bound, fettered” (Category: Bond)

ᴺQ. !minaxanwa, adj. “enchained, bound, fettered” [created by Röandil] (Category: Bond)

A neologism coined by Röandil on 2022-02-28 in the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server (VLDS), a combination of mi “in” and naxa¹ “bond, fetter” with adjectival suffix -nwa, and thus literally “*put into bonds” as inspired by mirröanwë “incarnate” < ✶mi-srawanwe “put into flesh”.


Q. mi “in”
Q. naxa¹ “bond, fetter”
Q. -nwa “passive suffix; active participle (intransitive verbs)”