Ilk. medial [j] became [i]; [-j-] > [-i-]

Ilk. medial [j] became [i]; [-j-] > [-i-]

As indicated in the Comparative Tables, medial [j] (= “y”) became [i] in Ilkorin (PE19/23). There are no clear examples of this development in The Etymologies, though there are several examples where final [j] became [i]. Helge Fauskanger suggested that the primitive form of gelion “bright” might be *✶galjānā (AL-Ilkorin/gelion); if so, it would be an example of this medial development.

Phonetic Rule Elements

[-j-] > [-i-] ✧ PE19/23 (-j- > -ı̯-)

Phonetic Rule Examples

galjōna > galiōna -j- > -i- ᴹ√GAL > Ilk. gelion ✧ Ety/GYEL
-gj- > -gi- -j- > -i- ᴹ✶-gj- > Ilk. -ı̯- ✧ PE19/23