Ilk. [i]

Ilk. [i]

The vowel [i] could be short or long in Ilkorin. Non-final [i] generally survived from Primitive Elvish, except where it underwent a-affection. Short [i] developed medially from primitive [j], as well as from [e] before nasal clusters [nn], [nd], [ŋg]. Long [ī] also developed from the primitive diphthong [ei].

References ✧ PE19/23


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶-gj- > -ı̯- [-gj-] > [-gi-] > [-ɣi-] > [-i-] ✧ PE19/23

Phonetic Development

Ilk. medial [j] became [i] -i- < -j- ✧ PE19/23 (-j- > -ı̯-)