Ilk. [ɣ] vanished; [ɣ] > [ø]

Ilk. [ɣ] vanished; [ɣ] > [ø]

As indicated in the Comparative Tables, medial [ɣ] (= “ʒ”) vanished (PE19/23), as opposed to initial [ɣ] which became [g]. This vanishing was also true of [ɣ] that developed from medial [g] when voiced stops spirantalized after vowels, and was thus probably later than this change. The clearest example of this development is ᴹ✶tūgu > tūgh> Ilk. (Ety/TUG).

It is likely that the medial [ɣ] developed into a vowel in some cases, as part of the process whereby [g] became [i] between an [l] and a vowel or [g] vocalized before [m], [n], but there is not enough evidence to determine the exact process.

Order (05900)

After 04300 voiced stops spirantalized after vowels ᴹ✶tūgu > tūgh > Ilk. Ety/TUG

Phonetic Rule Elements

[ɣ] > [ø] ✧ PE19/23 (-h- > -); PE19/23 (-ʒ- > -)

Phonetic Rule Examples

-ɣi- > -i- ɣ > ø ᴹ✶-gj- > Ilk. -ı̯- ✧ PE19/23
tūɣ > tū ɣ > ø ᴹ✶tūgu > tūgh > Ilk. ✧ Ety/TUG
-ɣ- > -ø- ɣ > ø ᴹ✶-g- > Ilk. - ✧ PE19/23
-ɣw- > -øw- ɣ > ø ᴹ✶-gw- > Ilk. -w- ✧ PE19/23