N. Amon Carab loc. “Hill of the Hat”

N. Amon Carab, loc. “Hill of the Hat”

An earlier name of Amon Rûdh that appeared in various forms in drafts to the Silmarillion map, one of which (Amon Carab) was translated “Hill of the Hat” (WJ/187). It seems to be a combination of amon “hill” and carab “hat”, the second of which is not otherwise attested. The variant Amon Garabel which shows Noldorin-style lenition of the 2nd element is strong evidence that this name is from the 1930s (or possibly 40s).

References ✧ WJ/187; WJI/Amon Carab, Amon Garabel, Carabel




S. amon “hill, mountain with steep sides; lump, clump, mass” ✧ WJ/187
carab “hat” ✧ WJ/187