S. Taur-i-Melegyrn loc. “Forest of the Great Trees”

S. Taur-i-Melegyrn, loc. “Forest of the Great Trees”

Another name for Taur-im-Duinath appearing in revisions to the Silmarillion maps from the 1950s-1960s, translated “Forest of the Great Trees” (WJ/185). This name a combination of taur “forest”, the definite article “the” and the nasal mutation of beleg “great” and the plural of orn “tree”.

Reference ✧ WJI/Taur-i-Melegyrn ✧ “Forest of the Great Trees”


taur “forest, wood” ✧ WJI/Taur-i-Melegyrn
“the” plural elided ✧ WJI/Taur-i-Melegyrn
beleg “great, mighty; large, big” nasal-mutation ✧ WJI/Taur-i-Melegyrn (Meleg)
orn “(tall straight) tree” plural ✧ WJI/Taur-i-Melegyrn (yrn)