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S. ylf n. “drinking-vessel, *cup” (Category: Cup)

S. ylf, n. “drinking-vessel, *cup” (Category: Cup)

A word for a “drinking-vessel” appearing in the Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60 as a derivative of ✶julmā [yulmā] = √YUL + ✶-mā “*thing for drinking” (WJ/416), where the final lm became lf (pronounced [lv]). It was cognate to Q. yulma, and hence probably also means “*cup”.

Reference ✧ WJ/416 ✧ “drinking-vessel”

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Phonetic Developments

julmā > ylf [julmā] > [julma] > [ȳlma] > [ȳlm] > [ylm] > [ylv] ✧ WJ/416