Sindarin Words

The Sindarin words presented here are limited to those Tolkien used in the period around the publication of The Lord of the Rings and afterwards (1951-1973). In early periods, Tolkien used a different names for this language: either “Noldorin” or (even earlier) “Gnomish”. The words from these earlier versions of the language are not strictly speaking Sindarin. Nevertheless, many fans who compose Sindarin writings adapt some of these early words and use them with Sindarin; see Neo-Sindarin for further information.

-a suf. “[old] genitive suffix”
conj. “and; †by, near, beside”
interj. “O!”
#ab prep. “after”
ablad n. “prohibition, refusal”
ach¹ n. “neck”
ach² conj. “*but”
achad n. “rock ridge, neck (geographically)”
#achar- v. “to avenge, do back, react, requite”
achared n. “vengeance”
acharn n. “vengeance, (an act of) revenge”
-ad suf. “dual”
#ad- pref. “back, again, re-”
#-ad¹ suf. “noun-suffix”
-ad² suf. “gerund” see #-ed¹
Adan n. “Man (as a species)”
adaneth n. “(mortal) woman”
adar n. “father”
adbed- v. “to rephrase”
#adertha- v. “to reunite”
aderthad n. “reuniting”
adh conj. “and” see
adu adj. “double”
aduial n. “(evening) twilight”
advir n. “heirloom”
ae interj. “O!” see
aear n. “sea” see gaear
aearon n. “*ocean” see gaearon
#aeg adj. “sharp”
#aeglir n. “line of peaks”
aeglos n. “icicle, (lit.) snow-point; snowthorn (a plant)”
#ael n. “lake, pool”
aelin n. “lake, pool” see #ael
aen adv. “*should, could”
aer adj. “*hallowed, holy”
aerlinn n. “*hymn, (lit.) holy song”
aew n. “(small) bird”
#aewen adj. “of birds”
#agar n. “blood”
aglar n. “glory, brilliance, splendour, radiance”
aglareb adj. “glorious, brilliant”
aglor adj. “brilliant, glorious”
ah conj. “and” see
ahamar n. “*neighbor” see sammar
ai¹ interj. “hail!”
ai² pron. “*those who”
ain adv. “*should, could” see aen
air adj. “lonely”
al-¹ pref. “no, not”
al-² pref. “well, happily”
alae interj. “?behold”
alaf n. “elm”
albeth n. “(word of) good omen”
alf n. “flower”
alfirin adj. and n. “immortal, (lit.) not dying; a species of flower”
alph n. “swan”
*alu adj. “wholesome”
alw adj. “wholesome” see *alu
alwed adj. “prosperous, fortunate”
#am adv. “up”
amar n. “world, the Earth, (lit.) settlement, the great habitation”
amarth n. “fate, doom”
amartha- v. “to define, decree, destine”
amdir n. “hope [based on reason], (lit.) looking up”
amloth n. “helm crest, (orig.) uprising flower”
ammarth n. “fate, doom” see amarth
amon n. “hill, mountain with steep sides; lump, clump, mass”
(a)moth n. “fen, marsh” see both
amrûn n. “sunrise, east, (lit.) of the uprising”
an prep. “to, for”
#an- pref. “intensive prefix”
anann adv. “(for) long”
and adj. “long”
andaith n. “long-mark”
andreth n. “long-suffering, patience”
ang n. “iron”
angerthas n. “runic alphabetic, (lit.) long rune-rows”
#anglenna- v. “to approach”
angren adj. “of iron”
anha- v. “to give” see #anna-
#aníra- v. “to desire”
ann¹ n. “gift”
ann² adj. “long” see and
#anna- v. “to give, †add to”
annon n. “(great) gate, door”
annui adj. “west[ern]”
annûn n. “sunset, west; (lit.) going down”
Anor n. “Sun”
-ant suf. “3rd person past tense”
anta- v. “to give, add to” see #anna-
anw n. “gift” see ann¹
anwar n. “awe”
aphad- v. “to follow”
aphadon n. “follower”
aphed- v. “to answer”
ar conj. “and” see
ar- pref. “without; by; **beside”
ar(a)- pref. “noble, royal, high”
arahadhw n. “throne, (lit.) high seat”
aran n. “king, lord, chief, (lit.) high or noble person”
aranarth n. “*kingdom”
aras n. “deer”
arben n. “knight” see arphen
archaf n. “throne, (lit.) high seat” see arahadhw
*ardhon n. “province” see ?gardhon
arnad n. “*kingdom”
arnediad adj. “unnumbered”
arnoediad adj. “unnumbered, without reckoning”
arod adj. “noble”
arphen n. “noble, knight”
arthor n. “realm”
#-as suf. “abstract noun”
ast n. “light or heat of the sun”
astor n. “loyalty”
astorad n. “loyalty”
-ath suf. “collective or group plural”
ath- pref. “easy, easily”
atha- v. “will (future)”
athae n. and adj. “*healing herb, healing”
athaelas n. “*healing herb” see athelas
athal n. “stranger, guest” see othol
atheg n. “[little] father; thumb”
athelas n. “kingsfoil, a healing herb”
athgar adj. “easy (easy to do)”
athgen adj. “easily seen”
athra-¹ v. “to cross (to and fro)”
athra-² v. “to treat medically”
athrabeth n. “conversation, debate, (lit.) interchange of words”
athrad n. “ford, crossing”
athragardh n. “interaction” see athragared
athragared n. “interaction”
aur n. “(whole) day”
auth n. “dim shape, spectral or vague apparition”
#ava- v. “will not, do not”
avad n. “refusal, reluctance”
avras n. “precipice”
bain adj. “fair, beautiful; good, wholesome, favorable; fair-haired”
bal- v. “*to have power”
Balan n. “Vala”
balch adj. “fierce, ferocious”
bân adj. “fair, good, wholesome, favorable” see bain
ban- v. “?to go”
band [mb-] n. “prison, custody, duress”
bâr [mb-] n. “house, dwelling, home”
bar [mb-] n. “house, dwelling, home” see bâr
barad n. “tower, great towering building”
baran adj. “brown, golden-brown”
bardh [mb-] n. “home”
bardor [mb-] n. “home land, native land”
barthan [mb-] n. “dwelling-house, large building of masonry used as a dwelling”
*basoneth [mb-] n. “breadgiver” see besain
#bas(t) [mb-] n. “bread”
bauda- v. “to ban, prohibit, refuse” see boda-
bauglir [mb-] n. “constrainer; tyrant, oppressor”
baw¹ interj. “no, do not!”
baw² [mb-] n. “howling”
#be prep. “in; ?as, like”
belaith [mb-] adj. “mighty”
beleg adj. “great, mighty; large, big”
bereth n. and adj. “queen, spouse; supreme, sublime”
besain [mb-] n. “the Lady, breadgiver”
bess n. “wife”
bo prep. “*on”
boda- v. “to ban, prohibit, refuse, forbid”
born¹ [mb-] adj. “hot, red”
?born² adj. “[stead]fast”
both n. “fen, marsh”
bragol adj. “sudden” see #bregol
bragollach n. “sudden flame”
brand¹ adj. “towering; tall and massive”
brand² n. “steeple”
brann adj. “towering, tall and massive” see brand¹
brass n. “great cliff”
brasta- v. “to tower up, loom”
#bregol adj. “quick, sudden”
brethil¹ n. “silver birch”
brethil² n. “princess, (lit.) queen-daughter”
?bril n. “glass, crystal”
brith n. “gravel”
?brithon adj. “pebbly”
#brui adj. “loud”
budhu n. “large fly”
#cab- v. “to leap”
cabed n. “leap”
#cad adv. “*after”
cadhad n. “dwarf”
Cadlaer n. “July, *After-summer”
caen num. card. “ten”
caenui num. ord. “tenth”
caer n. “*flat isle on a river”
cáfru n. “?flea”
cai n. “hedge”
cail n. “fence, palisade of spikes or sharp stakes”
cair n. “ship”
#cal- v. “to shine”
calad n. “light, fire, brightness, shining”
calan n. “day(light)”
calar n. “(portable) lamp”
calardan n. “lampwright”
calen adj. “green; fresh, vigorous; †bright”
cam n. “(cupped) hand, holding hand; handful”
camm n. “hand” see cam
can- v. “to cry out, shout, call”
canad num. card. “four”
canath n. “quarter”
canhui num. ord. “fourth” see canthui
#cannas n. “[abstract] shape”
#cant n. “shape”
canthui num. ord. “fourth”
cantui num. ord. “fourth” see canthui
car- v. “to do, make”
carach n. “jaws, rows of teeth”
caralluin adj. “*red-blue”
caran adj. “red”
caras n. “city, fort or dwelling surrounded by bulwarks, circular earthwall with dike”
carch n. “fang”
#cared n. “action”
carfa- v. “to talk, speak, use tongue”
#carn n. “deed”
#carth n. “deed”
carweg adj. “active; busy”
#cast n. “cape, headland”
castol n. “helmet”
cathrae n. “tressure, *headdress”
caul n. “great burden, affliction”
caun¹ n. “prince, chief, head”
caun² n. “outcry, clamour”
caw- v. “to taste”
ce adv. “*might, maybe”
ceber n. “stake, spike”
celeb n. “silver”
celebrin adj. “like silver (in hue or worth)”
celeg adj. “*hasty”
#cen- v. “to see, perceive, look”
#cened¹ n. “looking”
cened² num. ord. “four” see canad
cenedril n. “mirror, looking-glass, (lit.) looking-crystal”
cerin n. “circular mound, artificial hill”
certh n. “rune”
certhas n. “runes-rows, runic alphabet”
Cerveth n. “July”
ceven n. “*Earth”
ci pron. “thou”
cidinn ? “[unglossed]”
cinnog ? “[unglossed]”
cîr adj. “fresh, new” see cîw
círdan n. “shipbuilder, shipwright”
cirith n. “cleft, ravine, defile”
cîw adj. “fresh, new, renewed”
côf n. “bay”
#coll¹ n. “cloak, mantle”
coll² adj. “hollow”
condir n. “mayor, *(lit.) chief-man”
cor n. “ring, circle”
cordof n. “pippin, *a type of yellow and red apple”
*corod n. “circle”
#coth n. “enemy, foe”
cova- v. “to come together, meet; to gather, assemble”
covad(a)- v. “to bring together, make meet”
craban n. “bird of crow-kind, *raven”
criss n. “cleft”
crist n. “cleaver”
n. “bow”
#cûd n. “foe”
#cuia- v. “to live”
#cuina- v. “to be alive”
cûl n. “load”
^#cund n. “*prince” [vetted by HSD]
curu n. “skill (of the hand), craft, magic”
curunír n. “wizard”
cŷl n. “*renewal”
cŷr adj. “renewed”
cýra- v. “to renew”
cýron n. “new-moon”
dadwen- [nd-] v. “to return, go back”
dae n. “shadow”
dae- [nd-] pref. “dreadful, abominable, detestable”
daebeth [nd-] n. “blasphemy”
daedelos [nd-] n. “horrible fear”
dael [nd-] n. “horror”
daer¹ adj. “great, large”
daer² [nd-] adj. “dreadful, abominable, detestable”
#dag- [nd-] v. “to slay”
dagnir [nd-] n. “slayer, bane”
dagor [nd-] n. “battle”
dail adj. “beautiful, fine, delicate, lovely”
dalath n. “plain, low lying/flat ground”
damen- [nd-] v. “to return” see dadwen-
dan [nd-] prep. “back to, (back in return) against, down upon, back on, back again”
danbeth [nd-] n. “*answer, (lit.) back-word”
dandol- [nd-] v. “to return, come back”
dangar- [nd-] v. “to undo”
dangen [nd-] adj. “slain”
dangweth [nd-] n. “answer, *(lit.) back-report”
danna- v. “to fall”
dannen [nd-] n. “ebb, lowtide”
dant n. “*fall”
danwedh [nd-] n. “ransom”
#dar- v. “*to stop, halt”
daur n. “league; †stop, pause”
de pron. “you”
deil adj. “beautiful, fine, delicate, lovely” see dail
del n. “horror”
delch adj. “dense”
deloth n. “abhorrence”
delw adj. “thick (of a single thing)”
den prep. “?against” see dan
dern adj. “tough, thrawn”
dev- [nd-] v. “to try”
#dew- v. “to fail, miss”
dha v. “there is”
di¹ [nd-] prep. “beneath, under”
di² prep. “with”
#díhena- v. “*to forgive”
#-dil suf. “friend, lover”
#dim n. “stair”
dîn n. and adj. “silence; silent, quiet”
dínen adj. “silent”
dîr¹ [nd-] n. “man”
dîr² adj. “hard, difficult”
dirbedui adj. “hard to utter, difficult to pronounce”
dírnaith [nd-] n. “wedge-shaped battle-formation, (lit.) man-spearhead”
dolen adj. “hidden”
dol(l) n. “head, hill”
dom adj. “blind”
dond n. “fist”
donn n. “fist” see dond
-dor suf. “*king, lord”
dôr [nd-] n. “land”
dorgannas [nd-] n. “shapes of the lands, *geography”
dorn adj. “tough, stiff, thrawn, obdurate”
draug n. “wolf”
#drega- v. “to flee”
#dring n. “hammer”
n. “night, dimness; dim, dark”
dúath n. “night shadow, dark/black shadow”
duin n. “(large) river”
duinen n. “flood, high tide”
dúlin n. “nightingale”
dûn [nd-] n. “west”
dúnad n. “descent”
dûr [nd-] adj. “dark (with evil implications), gloomy, hellish”
duwath n. “night shadow, dark/black shadow” see dúath
dýgar n. and adj. “mistaken act; doing a wrong thing”
dŷl n. “mistake”
dŷr adj. “mistaken, off point, not right”
e pron. “he”
#eb prep. “?before”
-eb suf. “adjective suffix”
Eblaer n. “June, ?Before-summer”
ech pron. “?you, yourself (singular)”
echad n. “camp”
echad- v. “to form, make, shape, cut out; (lit.) to shape out”
#echil n. “follower”
echor n. and adj. “outer circle; encircling”
echui n. “awakening”
echuir n. “early Spring, (lit.) stirring”
#-ed¹ suf. “gerund”
ed¹ prep. and pref. “out, out of”
-ed² suf. “3rd person singular possessive suffix”
ed² pron. “*it”
edaid adj. “double”
Edel n.
Edhel n. “Elf”
edhellen adj. “elvish”
edhelvein adj. “elven fair”
edlen(n) adj. “exiled”
edlon n. “outsider, stranger”
edra- v. “to open (out)”
edraith n. “rescue, saving”
edregol adv. “in especial”
edwen num. ord. “second”
-eg¹ suf. “diminutive/singular ending”
-eg² suf. “2nd person singular familiar possessive suffix”
-egir suf. “2nd person plural familiar possessive suffix”
eglan adj. “forsaken”
#egleria- v. “to glorify”
ego interj. “be off!”
egor conj. “or”
ein- pref. “excellent, admirable”
einior adj. “elder”
eirien n. “daisy”
eitha-¹ v. “to prick with a sharp point, stab; to treat with scorn, insult”
eitha-² v. “to ease, assist”
eithad n. “*insult”
eithel n. “source, spring, well”
eithro adv. “*also”
-el suf. “2nd person singular polite possessive suffix”
êl n. “star”
elanor n. “pimpernel, small golden star-shaped flower, (lit.) sun-star”
Eledh n. “Elf”
Eledhes n. “*Elf-maid”
Eledhon n. “*Elf-man”
Elen n. “Elf” see †Eledh
elen n. “star” see †êl
elia- v. “to cause to prosper, bless (a work), help one”
-elir suf. “2nd person plural polite possessive suffix”
Ell n. “Elf”
Ellas n. “*Elf-maid” see Elleth
Elles n. “*Elf-maid” see Elleth
Elleth n. “Elf-maid”
Ellon n. “Elf-man”
elloth n. “single flower”
elo interj. “behold!”
emel n. “mother”
emig n. “[little] mother, *mommy”
-emir suf. “1st person plural exclusive possessive”
#en- v. “*to name”
#-en¹ suf. “adjective suffix”
en¹ prep. “of the”
-en² suf. “my, 1st sg. poss. suffix”
en² pron. “1st sg pronoun”
en³ ? “?”
enaid adj. “central, middle”
-enc suf. “our (inclusive), 1st pl. incl. poss. suffix”
enchui num. ord. “sixth”
encui num. ord. “sixth” see enchui
enecthui num. ord. “sixth” see enchui
ened n. “centre” see enedh
enedh n. “centre, middle”
eneg num. card. “six”
eneth n. “*name”
-engir suf. “our (inclusive), 1st pl. incl. poss. suffix” see -enc
ennas adv. “there”
eno adv. “*still”
-ent suf. “their, 3rd pl. poss. suffix”
ent pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun”
ephed- v. “to say out”
ephel n. “outer fence, surrounding ring”
ephola- v. “?to remember”
er adj. “one, alone”
ereb adj. “single, alone, lonely”
ereg n. “holly, thorn”
erin ? “on the ... day”
ernil n. “prince”
ero adv. “*only, alone”
#ertha- v. “to unite”
eryn n. “wood, forest (of trees)”
esbin n. “thin thread, tress”
esgal n. “cast shadow, shade; screen, hiding, veil”
est¹ pron. “he, she, it, 3rd sg. pronoun”
est² pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun” see ent
#esta- v. “to call, *name”
estel n. “hope, trust”
esten(t) adj. “short”
?estola- v. “to encamp, *erect tents”
estolad n. “encampment”
eth pron. “he, she, it, 3rd sg. pronoun” see est¹
-eth suf. “feminine ending”
ethir¹ n. “mouth of a river, (lit.) outflow”
#ethir² n. “spy”
ethuil n. “spring”
fae n. “incarnate spirit”
#fael¹ n. and adj. “gleam of the sun; *gleaming”
fael² adj. “fair-minded, just, generous”
faen n. “vapour; [disembodied] spirit”
faer n. “spirit (in general)”
fain adj. and n. “white, shimmering, shining; white and shining [thing]; dim, dimmed; filmy, fine-woven; (vague) apparition; cloud”
fair adj. “quick, ready, prompt”
falas n. “beach, shore, strand, surf(line)”
#falch n. “*cleft, ravine”
faloth n. “large foamy wave”
fân n. “(white) cloud; veil, curtain; form or vision of a spiritual being; spirit [embodied]”
fang n. “beard”
fanha- v. “to veil, cloak” see *fanna-
*fanna- v. “to veil, cloak”
fanui adj. “cloudy, (lit.) having much cloud”
?fanwos n. “mind-picture (of apparition in dream)”
faran n. “rowan”
faroth n. “*hunting”
faug adj. “gape”
faw n. “*breath, puff of breath”
Feir n. “Mortal”
fela n. “mine, boring, tunnel, underground dwelling; minor excavations, den”
felagund n. “den-dweller; brock, badger”
feleg n. “cave, mine, underground dwelling”
fen(n) n. “door”
fennas n. “great door, doorway, gateway”
fergar adj. “soon done”
fergenol adj. “quick to see or perceive, sharp-sighted or witted”
feria- v. “to make ready (promptly)”
#fern n. and adj. “dead”
ferui adj. “ready to hand, (quickly) available”
fim adj. “slender, slim”
fîn n. “(single) hair, filament”
find n. “tress; single hair”
findel n. and adj. “head of hair, fax, mass of long hair; having fine or beautiful hair” see finnel
fineg n. “*lock of hair” see fing
fing n. “lock of hair”
finn n. “tress; single hair” see find
finnel n. and adj. “head of hair, fax, mass of long hair; having fine or beautiful hair”
#fir- v. “to fade, *die”
Fíreb n. “Mortal”
fíreb adj. “mortal”
Firieth n. “(Female) Mortal”
firin adj. “mortal, dying”
Firion n. “(Male) Mortal”
firith n. “fading; [late] autumn”
#flâd n. “skin”
flinc n. “finch”
foen n. “long sight”
for adj. “north” see forn
forn adj. “north”
forod n. “north”
forvo n. “right hand, right side”
? n. “path”
fuin n. “night, gloom, darkness”
fuir adj. “north”
gaear n. “sea”
gaearon n. “ocean, (lit.) great sea”
#gaer¹ adj. “awful, fearful”
gaer² n. “sea” see gaear
gaeron n. “*ocean” see gaearon
gail n. “silver spark” see gil
gal- [ng-] v. “to shine clear”
gala- v. “to grow”
galad [ng-] n. “radiance, glittering reflection; light, fire, brightness, shining; bliss”
galadh n. “tree”
galadhremmen adj. “tree-meshed”
galenas n. “pipeweed, nicotiana, *tobacco”
galvorn n. “type of dark metal devised by Eöl, *(lit.) shining-black”
gamp n. “hook, crook”
gardh n. “region”
?gardhon n. “province”
gaur [ng-] n. “werewolf”
Gavar n. “*Refuser” see †Avar
gelir adj. “merry”
#genedia- v. “to reckon”
genediad n. “reckoning”
geria- v. “to ponder”
gil [ng-] n. “star; (bright) spark, silver glint, twinkle of light”
gill n. “star” see gil
#gir- v. “to shudder”
girith n. “shuddering”
Girithron n. “December, *Shuddering-one”
glad n. “wood”
gladh- v. “to laugh”
glae n. “grass”
glae(gal) n. “light (as an ethereal substance)”
glaer n. “tale”
glam n. “din, uproar, the confused yelling and bellowing of beasts”
glamog n. “orc”
#glân¹ adj. “white”
glân² n. “hem, border”
glandagol n. “boundary mark”
glan(n) n. “boundary”
glathralvas n. “flashing glass/crystal, *heliograph”
glaur n. and adj. “gold [light or colour]”
glaw n. “sunshine”
glawar n. “gold (light or colour)”
gleina- v. “to bound, enclose, limit”
#glenna- v. “*to travel”
#glim n. “voice”
glind n. “*song” see lind¹
glîn(n) n. “gleam, glint”
glinn n. “*song” see lind¹
glintha- v. “to glance (at)”
#glóriel adj. “golden”
#glórin adj. “*golden”
gloss adj. “(dazzling) white”
glosui adj. “snow white”
go- pref. “together, co-, com-”
go-² pref. “*away”
gobel n. “village, town (enclosure)”
goe n. “terror, great fear”
goeol adj. “*fell, terrible, dire”
#gohena- v. “*to forgive”
golas n. “foliage, collection of leaves”
golass n. “foliage, collection of leaves” see golas
Golodh [ng-] n. “one of the wise folk, Noldo”
golodh [ng-] n. “lore-master, sage”
goloth n. “inflorescence, *collection of flowers”
-gon suf. “lord, prince”
gond n. “stone, rock”
gonn n. “stone, rock” see gond
gor [ng-] n. “horror, dread, fear”
gor-¹ pref. “hard, difficult”
gor-² v. “to warn, urge”
gorbedui adj. “only to be said with horror or grief, lamentable to tell”
gordh¹ adj. “difficult, laborious”
gordh² n. “deep thought”
gorgor [ng-] n. “extreme horror, terror, haunting fear”
gorn¹ [ng-] adj. “revered”
gorn² adj. “hard, stiff, thrawn”
gornod(ui) adj. “hard to count”
gorog n. “horror”
goroth [ng-] n. “horror, dread”
#gorth¹ [ng-] adj. and n. “dead; dead (person)”
gorth² [ng-] n. “horror” see goroth
gorthad [ng-] n. “wraith, spirit of Dead”
gorthob [ng-] adj. “horrible”
govan- v. “to meet, come to same place”
graug n. “demon, powerful hostile and terrible creature” see raug
graw n. “bear”
grod n. “large excavation, delving, underground dwelling” see groth
groga- v. “to feel terror”
grond adj. “weighty, ponderous”
gronn adj. “weighty, ponderous” see grond
groth n. “large excavation, delving, underground dwelling”
gruitha- v. “to terrify”
gûl [ng-] n. “black arts, sorcery, (evil) knowledge”
guldur [ng-] n. “black arts, sorcery”
gûr n. “heart (inner mind)”
gurgof n. “traitor”
gurth [ng-] n. “death”
guru [ng-] n. “death”
guruthos [ng-] n. “dread of death, death-horror, shadow of death”
gwa- pref. “together, co-, com-” see go-
gwae n. “wind”
#gwae- v. “to go, depart”
gwael n. “?wind”
#gwaen adj. “stained”
gwaeren adj. “windy”
Gwaeron n. “March, *Windy-one”
gwaew n. “storm; blow”
#gwahae adj. “*far away”
#gwain¹ adj. “young, *new”
gwain² adj. “blond”
gwaith n. “people; region”
gwân adj. “pale, fair”
gwana n. and adj. “fair”
gwanunig n. “twin”
gwanwen adj. “departed”
gwath n. “shadow, dim light”
gwathra- v. “to overshadow, dim, veil, obscure”
gwathren adj. “shadowy, dim”
#gwathui adj. “*shadowy, of shadow”
gwâw n. “breeze[?]” see hwaewar
gwê n. “living creature”
gwein adj. “young” see #gwain¹
gwend n. “maiden”
gweneth n. “maidenhood”
#gweth- v. “*to report”
gwîn n. “youth”
gwing n. “foam, spindrift”
gwinig n. “little-one, baby”
Gwirith n. “April, *Freshness”
ha interj. “there you are”
hadhma- v. “to seat” see hadhwa-
Hadhod n. “Dwarf”
hadhu n. “seat”
hadhwa- v. “to seat”
hae adj. and adv. “far, very far away”
haedh n. “fenced enclosure”
haer adj. “remote”
haered n. “remoteness, (remote) distance”
haeron adj. “*distant”
hanar n. “brother”
harad n. “south”
harn adj. “south, southern”
harvo n. “left hand, left side”
hathol n. “axe”
haudh n. “(funeral) mound, grave; heap, piled mound”
hawn n. “brother”
#heb- v. “to keep”
heledh n. “glass”
hên n. “child”
hen(d) n. “eye”
henneth n. “window”
herdir n. “master”
heruin n. “lady” see heryn
heryn n. “lady”
adv. “now”
#hîl n. “heir”
#him¹ adv. and adj. “ever”
him² adj. “cool”
hin adv. “now” see
hîr n. “lord, master”
híril n. “lady”
hîth n. “mist”
hithlain n. “mist thread, grey elvish rope”
hithren adj. “grey”
Hithui n. “November, *Misty-one”
#hithui adj. “misty”
(h)law n. “flood” see l(h)ô
#hol- v. “to close, shut”
hollen adj. “closed, shut”
honeg n. “brother (diminutive)”
honig n. “brother (diminutive)” see honeg
hoth n. “host, horde”
hû¹ n. “spirit, shadow”
hû² n. “hound (or ?heart)”
huan n. “great dog, hound”
hûn n. “*heart”
huorn n. “?spirit tree”
hwâ n. “breeze[?]” see hwaewar
hwaewar n. “breeze[?]”
hwinn n. “birch”
-i suf. “adjectival suffix”
article. “the”
pron. “who, that”
n. “chasm, pit; void, abyss”
#iach n. “ford”
-ian(d) suf. “-land, country”
iand adj. “wide”
iant n. “bridge”
iath n. “fence”
iâth n. “fence” see iath
iaun adj. “wide, extensive, large, roomy, vast, huge”
iaur adj. “old”
iavas n. “autumn”
íd adv. “extremely, very”
îdh n. “rest, repose, peace, tranquility”
ídhra- v. “to long for, desire”
idi(r) pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun” see ent
-iel¹ suf. “daughter; feminine suffix”
#-iel² suf. “adjective suffix”
-iel³ suf. “perfective-participle”
-ien suf. “feminine ending”
îf n. “cliff, sheer descent”
ifant adj. “*aged” see *iphant
-ig suf. “diminutive/singular ending” see -eg¹
-il suf. “feminine suffix”
il adj. “*all”
ilaurui adj. “*daily”
im¹ pron. “I, I myself; reflexive, self(same)”
im² prep. “between”
im³ n. “valley”
imlad n. “deep valley, narrow valley with steep sides, gap, gully”
imrad n. “path or pass between mountains or trackless forest, *(lit.) valley path”
imrath n. “long narrow valley with road or watercourse running through it lengthwise, *(lit.) valley course”
#-in suf. “adjective suffix” see #-en¹
#în¹ n. “year”
în² pron. “his, *reflexive possessive = his own”
ind n. “some particular purpose or intention of an individual; heart”
ínias n. “annals”
inib num. card. “*twelve” see yneb
inn n. “some particular purpose or intention of an individual” see ind
innas n. “*will”
-ion¹ suf. “-son”
-ion² suf. “-region, -land”
ion(n) n. “son”
*iphant adj. “*aged”
îr adj. “*alone” see air
-ir suf. “past of intransitive verbs”
ir conj. “?when, while”
î(r) pron. “impersonal plural pronoun”
írui adj. “desirable, lovely”
is pron. “he, she, it, 3rd sg. pronoun” see est¹
ith pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun” see ent
Ithil n. “Moon”
ithildin n. “magical alloy that glows in moonlight, (lit.) moon-star”
ithron n. “Wizard”
Ivanneth n. “September, *Yavanna-ness”
#laba- v. “to hop”
lach n. “(leaping) flame”
#lacha- v. “to flame”
lad n. “plain, valley”
#laden adj. “flat, wide”
laeg adj. “fresh and green, viridis, green (of leaves/herbiage)”
laer¹ n. “summer”
laer² n. “song” see glaer
laew adj. “fresh”
laich adj. “sweet”
#lain n. “thread, warp, ‽twine”
#lala- v. “to laugh”
lalaith n. “laughter”
lam¹ n. “(physical) tongue; language”
#lam² n. “echo”
?lamma- v. “to echo”
lammad n. “*echoing”
lammen adj. “of tongue, spoken with tongue”
lanc¹ n. “sharp edge (not of tools), sudden end”
lanc² adj. “naked”
#land adj. “wide, broad”
lang n. “passage; neck”
#lann adj. “wide, broad” see #land
lanthir n. “waterfall”
las n. see lass
lass n. “leaf”
lasta- v. “to listen, give ear”
lasto interj. “listen, *hark”
laudh n. “gluttonous eating”
lavan n. “animal”
le pron. “thee, you (polite)”
lebdas n. “index finger”
lebed n. “thumb”
leben num. card. “five”
lebenedh n. “middle finger”
lebent n. “fourth finger”
leber n. “finger”
lebethron n. “Gondorian hardwood, *(lit.) finger tree”
lebig n. “little finger”
**ledhbas(t) n. “waybread” see lembas
lefnui num. ord. “fifth” see levnui
#legol adj. “[Ilk.] nimble, active, running free”
leich adj. “sweet” see laich
#leithia- v. “to release”
leithian n. “release from bondage”
lembas n. “waybread, journey-bread”
lest n. “girdle”
leutha- v. “to pick (up/out)”
levnui num. ord. “fifth”
leweg n. “worm”
lhach n. “leaping flame” see lach
lhaw n. “ears (of one person)” see lheweg
lheweg n. “ear”
lhim adj. “sliding, gliding, slippery, sleek”
l(h)ô n. “flood, fenland”
lhoer n. “venom, poison(ousness)”
lhoew n. “poison(ous substance)”
lhôn n. “noise”
lhûg n. “reptile, snake, serpent, worm”
n. “people (of one kind or origin)”
#lîf n. “link”
lim adj. “quick, swift”
limp adj. and n. “clear, sparkling; (bright/clear/gleaming) liquid”
lín pron. “*thy”
lîn n. “pool, mere”
lind¹ n. “song, chant, singing; singer”
#lind² adj. “fair”
linn n. “song, chant” see lind¹
linna- v. “to sing, chant”
linnod n. “type of poetic meter, (lit.) ?seven-chant”
#lîr n. “line”
#lisg n. “reed”
?liss adj. “fragrant, sweet”
lissuin n. “a fragrant flower”
lith n. “ash”
lithui adj. “ashen, ashy, of ash, ash-coloured, dusty”
n. “flood, fenland” see l(h)ô
loeg n. “pool” see Nan. loeg
loen adj. “soaking wet, swamped”
lond n. “(land-locked) haven”
lonn n. “(land-locked) haven” see lond
#lonnas n. “harbourage”
los n. “snow” see loss
loss n. “snow”
lossen adj. “snowy”
#lost adj. “empty”
loth n. “flower, single blossom; inflorescence, head of small flowers”
lotheg n. “single flower”
Lothron n. “May, *Flower-ness”
loven adj. “echoing”
luin adj. “blue”
#lung adj. “heavy”
lûth n. “blossom, inflorescence”
lŷg n. “snake”
ma interj. “good, excellent, that’s right”
mâb n. “hand”
#mad- v. “to eat”
madha n. “mud”
madu ? “[unglossed]” see maud
madweg adj. “gluttonous”
mae adv. and adj. “well; excellent, admirable”
maecheneb adj. “sharp-eye[d]”
maed¹ adj. “shapely”
maed² adj. “handy, skillful”
maeg adj. “sharp, piercing”
mael adj. “well”
maelig n. “wealth, abundance”
maen n. “a treasure”
maer adj. “good, excellent, fair”
maeron n. “artist”
maeth n. “management”
maetha- v. “to handle, wield, use, manage, treat, deal with”
#maew n. “gull”
mâf n. “pile or mass of rock or earth”
#magor n. “swordsman”
main adj. “prime, chief, pre-eminent”
mallen adj. “golden”
mallorn n. “gold tree, yellow tree”
mallos n. “golden flower”
malt n. “gold”
man pron. “*what, who”
maud ? “[unglossed]”
maw n. “hand”
?mêd(h) adj. “[Ilk.] wet”
medui adj. “end, final, last”
megil n. “sword, longsword”
megr adj. “sharp-pointed”
mein num. ord. “first”
#mel- v. “to love”
mell adj. “dear, beloved”
mellon n. “friend”
melui adj. “lovely, sweet”
#men- v. “to go”
men¹ pron. “us”
men² n. “road, way”
#meneg num. card. “thousand”
menel n. “the heavens, firmament, region of the stars”
mereth n. “feast”
meril n. “rose”
#meth adj. “last”
methed n. “end”
mi prep. “*in”
mîdh n. “dew”
milbar n. “dear home, beloved dwelling [place]”
mín pron. “our”
mîn n. “[thing] between; gap, space, barrier; anything intervening between two other things”
min¹ num. card. “one”
min² n. “peak”
minas n. “tower, fort, city (with a citadel and central watch tower)”
minib num. card. “eleven”
minlamad n. “?alliteration, (lit.) first-echoing”
minna- v. “to go in, enter”
minui num. ord. “first”
minuial n. “(dawn) twilight”
mîr n. “jewel, precious thing, treasure”
#mírdan n. “jewel smith”
míria- v. “to sparkle like jewels”
mirian n. “Gondorian coin”
míriel adj. “sparkling like jewels, like a jewel”
miruvor n. “a special wine or cordial”
Mîth n. “*Sinda, Grey-Elf”
mith adj. “grey, light grey, pale grey”
#mithren adj. “grey”
Mithres n. “*Grey-Elf (f.)”
mithril n. “Moria-silver, true-silver”
Mithron n. “*Grey-Elf (m.)”
molif n. “wrist, (lit.) hand-link”
môr n. “dark(ness); †night”
#morchant n. “shadow cast by light, (lit.) dark shape”
morgul n. “black arts, sorcery, necromancy”
morn adj. and n. “black, dark; night”
moth n. “dusk”
muil n. and adj. “drear[iness]”
mund n. “bull”
#mŷl n. “gull”
#na- v. “to be”
na¹ prep. “to, towards, at”
na² prep. “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with” see na(n)
nadha n. “fetter”
naedh n. “wounding, wound”
naer adj. “dreadful, horrible, unendurable”
naergon n. “woeful lament”
naeth n. “woe”
nail num. ord. “third”
naith n. “spearhead, gore, wedge, narrow prominitory; angle”
#nalla- v. “to cry”
nalla n. “call” see nallan
nallan n. “call”
nallar n. “call” see nallan
nalloth n. “call” see nallan
na(n) prep. “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with”
nan prep. “of” see na(n)
nan(d) n. “vale, valley”
Narbeleth n. “October, Sun-fading, Sun-waning”
narch adj. “bitter-biting”
narn n. “tale”
#narthan n. “beacon”
Narwain n. “January, *(lit.) New Fire”
natha- v. “to bring help to, save, rescue”
nathal n. “guest”
naub n. “thumb”
naug n. “dwarf; dwarf(ed), stunted”
naur n. “fire”
naw adj. “hollow”
ned n. “first”
neder num. card. “nine”
#nedia- v. “to count”
nedrui num. ord. “ninth”
nef prep. “hither, on this (the speaker’s) side of; †beyond [loose translation]”
negen adj. “sharp, angular”
#neitha- v. “to wrong, deprive”
neithan n. “one deprived, exile whose rights and goods have been confiscated”
nêl num. card. “three” see neledh
nelchaenen num. ord. “*thirtieth”
neldor n. “beech”
neledh num. card. “three”
nelui num. ord. “third”
nen n. “water; lake, pool; (lesser) river”
nerthui num. ord. “ninth”
ness n. “headland”
neth n. “(little) girl; sister (diminutive)”
netheg n. “girl (diminutive)” see nethig
nethel n. “sister”
nethig n. “sister, girl (diminutive)”
niben adj. “petty”
nidh- v. “to will”
nîdh¹ n. “juice”
nîdh² n. “full vigorous purpose, exertion of will”
nídha- v. “to be determined to”
nîf n. “phantom, a seeming” see nivol
niged n. “little finger”
#-nil suf. “friend, lover” see #-dil
nim adj. “white”
nimp adj. “pale, pallid, white”
nin pron. “me”
nín pron. “my”
nîn¹ adj. “wet, *watery”
#nîn² n. “tear”
ninglor n. “golden water-flower”
ninniach n. “rainbow”
Nínui n. “February, *Watery”
niphred n. “pallor”
niphredil n. “white flower (similar to a snowdrop); *(lit.) pale point”
nirnaeth n. “tears”
nîth n. “sister”
nivol n. “phantom, a seeming”
nobad n. “thumb and index finger as a pair, *(lit.) pickers”
#nod- v. “to count”
Noegin n. “Petty Dwarf”
Nogon n. “[Greater] Dwarf” see Nogoth
Nogoth n. “[Greater] Dwarf”
Nogotheg n. “Dwarflet”
Noll [ng-] n. “Noldo”
nor- v. “to run (or leap) of animals or men”
nordh n. “oak”
#norn adj. and n. “hard; dwarf”
north n. “riding, race (of people running), charge or gallop”
northa- v. “to make run”
Nórui n. “June, *Fiery”
nos(s) n. “family, kindred, clan, house; race, tribe, people”
nost n. “house, family” see nos(s)
nothlir n. “folk, family” see Ed. nothlir
-nt suf. “past of transitive verbs”
nu prep. “under”
nuitha- v. “to stunt, prevent from coming to completion, stop short, not allow to continue”
-o suf. “imperative”
o prep. “from, of”
ochui num. ord. “seventh” see othui
odo num. card. “seven” see odog
odog num. card. “seven”
odothui num. ord. “seventh” see othui
#oel adj. “cool”
oer adj. “nasty”
oew n. “an evil deed”
#-og suf. “singular suffix”
Ogol n. “?Elf”
ogol adj. “bad, evil, wrong; gloom(y)”
ogron n. “wicked or evil person”
-ol suf. “continuative participle”
-on¹ suf. “masculine suffix”
-on² suf. “augmentative suffix”
-on(d) suf. “-region, -land” see -ion²
oneth n. “*giving”
#onna- v. “*to birth, give birth to”
#onnen adj. “born”
Onod n. “Ent”
#-or suf. “agental suffix”
or- pref. “-day”
Oraeron n. “Sea-day, *Thursday”
Oranor n. “*(lit.) Sun-day, Sunday”
Orbelain n. “*Day of the Valar, Friday”
orch n. “Orc”
orchal adj. “tall”
Orgaladh n. “Day of the Tree, *Tuesday”
Orgaladhad n. “Day of the Two Trees, *Tuesday”
Orgilion n. “*Star-day, Saturday”
Orithil n. “*Moon-day, Monday”
Ormenel n. “*Heavens-day, Wednesday”
orn n. “(tall straight) tree”
orod n. “mountain”
orodben n. “mountaineer, one living in the mountains”
oroth n. “rage, anger”
#ortha- v. “to raise”
orthad n. “*raising”
os prep. “*about”
-os suf. “augmentative suffix” see -oth
ost n. “fort, fortress, stronghold, citadel; fortified town; enclosure”
-oth suf. “augmentative suffix”
oth- pref. “[wrong] with a bad sense; unsuitable, bad, improper, useless, wrong”
othgar(ed) n. “doing wrong, *wrong doing”
othgarn n. “misdeed”
othol n. “stranger, guest”
othrond n. “underground stronghold”
othui num. ord. “seventh”
pad- v. “to step, walk”
pâd n. “a step (action); track, road; ford”
padra- v. “to walk”
pae num. card. “ten”
paean num. card. “ten” see pae
paenui num. ord. “tenth”
paeth n. “speech”
palan adv. “afar, abroad, far and wide”
palan-díriel n. “far-gazer”
palan-tîriel n. “*far-gazer” see palan-díriel
#pân adj. “all”
#pant adj. “full”
paran adj. “bare, naked; smooth, shaven”
parch adj. “naked (of persons)”
parth n. “field, enclosed grassland, sward”
paur n. “fist, closed hand”
ped- v. “to say, speak”
*pedh- v. “to fall in steep slant, incline, slope”
*pedui adj. “*utterable, pronouncable, able to be spoken”
pedweg adj. “talkative, saying a lot”
#pel- v. “to fade, wane”
#pêl n. “*fenced field”
#peleth n. “waning”
pen- v. “to have not”
pen¹ prep. and pref. “without, lacking, -less”
pen² pron. “one, somebody, anybody”
penbed adj. “not pronouncable”
pend n. and adj. “slope, steep incline, hill side; sloping (down), steeply inclined”
penedh n. “Elf”
pengolodh n. “teaching sage, doctor (of lore), teacher of lore”
penna- v. “to come down (in a slant), fall”
pennod adj. “without count”
pennoediad adj. “innumerable”
#per- pref. “half”
Perian n. “Halfling, Hobbit”
peth n. “word”
pethron n. “speaker, reciter”
#pîn adj. “little”
pind n. “crest, ridge”
pirin n. “flower that opened and shut quickly with any change of light”
plad n. “palm, flat of the hand”
plada- v. “to feel with the hand, stroke”
-ra suf. “many Sindarin adverbs end in [this]”
#rach n. “wain” see rasg
#râd n. “path, pass”
raeda- v. “to catch in a net”
raef n. “net” see raew
raen¹ adj. “netted, enlaced”
raen² adj. “smiling, gracious, sweet-faced”
raew n. “net”
rain n. “erratic wandering”
raitha- v. “to try, strive” see ritha-
ram n. “wall”
rammas n. “great wall”
randir n. “wanderer, wandering man, pilgrim”
rant n. “course, water-channel; lode”
#raph n. “?rope, strap”
rasg n. “wain, *wagon, cart”
rass n. “horn”
ras(t) n. “cape, shore”
rath n. “street”
raud¹ adj. “noble, eminent; lofty, high, tall; excellent”
#raud² n. “metal”
raug n. “demon, powerful hostile and terrible creature”
#Raun n. “Moon”
ravaed adj. “skillful” see rovaed
raw n. “wing”
reitha- v. “to try, strive” see ritha-
rem n. “mesh, net (for catching)”
remmen adj. “entangled, meshed, netted, woven”
#-ren suf. “adjective suffix”
#rest n. “*cut”
reth n. “*climber”
reth- v. “to remain in same place”
#rhach n. “curse”
rhae adj. “easy”
rhaed n. “peculiar hue, (special) fashion”
rhanc adj. “awkward, hard”
rhaw¹ adj. “wild”
rhaw² n. “flesh, body”
rhîd n. “peculiar hue, (special) fashion” see rhaed
rhîw n. “winter”
rhond n. “body”
#rhosc adj. “russet”
rhovan n. “wilderness; wild beast”
rhu- pref. “evil-”
rhû¹ n. and adj. “evil, wicked”
rhû² n. “matter”
rhudol adj. and n. “unwelcome, coming with evil omen or intent”
rhugar n. “evil deed”
rhugarol adj. “wicked, doing evil”
rhûn n. “east”
rhúnen adj. “eastern”
n. “wreath, garland”
#rían n. “queen”
rîdh n. “sown field”
-riel suf. “crowned maiden”
#rîf n. “bark”
-rim suf. “collective or group plural”
rim n. “host, great number, people (of one kind or origin)”
rîn n. “remembrance”
ring adj. “cold, chill”
riss n. “cleft; cleft, cloven, separate”
ritha- v. “to try, strive”
ro- pref. “*superlative”
roch n. “horse”
rochben n. “rider”
rochir n. “knight, horse-lord”
rochon n. “rider”
rodel n. “lady, high lady”
Rodon n. “Vala”
Rodyn n. “alternate name of the last day of the Eldarin six-day week”
rohir n. “knight” see rochir
rom n. “horn, trumpet”
#-(r)on suf. “agental suffix”
ron adj. “smoothed by polishing”
rond n. “(vaulted or arched) roof; vaulted chamber or cavern; heavens [as a roof of the world]”
ross¹ n. “rain; spindrift, spray, foam”
ross² adj. “red-haired, copper-coloured”
#rost adj. “rainy”
rovaed adj. “[most] skillful”
roval adj. and n. “winged”
rûdh n. “bald”
ruin n. and adj. “red flame; fiery red”
ruist n. “fireplace, hearth”
rûn n. “east” see rhûn
rusc n. “fox”
rust n. “copper”
rustui adj. “copper”
rûth n. “wrath, anger”
ruthra- v. “to rage”
#sabar n. “delving”
sad n. “place, spot”
sadar n. “trusty follower, loyal companion” see sadron
sâdh n. “sward, turf”
sador adj. “steadfast, trusty, loyal”
sadron n. “trusty follower, loyal companion”
#sael adj. “wise”
said adj. “private, separate, not common, excluded”
#sam n. “chamber”
sammar n. “*neighbor”
#san pron. “that”
sant n. “garden, field, yard”
sarch n. “grave”
sarn n. and adj. “(small) stone, pebble; stony (place)”
saur adj. “bad (of food), putrid”
#sav- v. “to have”
saw n. “filth, putrescence”
seidia- v. “to set aside, appropriate to a special purpose or owner”
sell n. “*daughter”
sen pron. “this”
#send n. “?rest”
sennas n. “guesthouse”
sennui adv. “?rather, instead”
sereg n. “blood”
seregon n. “stonecrop, plant with red flowers, (lit.) blood of stone”
serni n. “shingle, pebble bank”
seron n. “lover”
adv. “here, in this place (of speaker)”
sigil n. “necklace”
#síla- v. “*to shine”
silef n. and adj. “crystal (white)”
silevren adj. “like silef (crystal)” see silivren
silivren adj. “(white) glittering, crystalline”
singil n. “mirror” see cenedril
sí(r) adv. “now” see
sír n. “*today, this day”
sîr n. “river, stream”
sirith n. “flowing”
sui prep. “*as”
#suila- v. “to greet”
suilad n. “greeting”
#suilanna- v. “to greet, *give greeting”
sûl n. “wind”
tachol n. “clasp, brooch”
tâd num. card. “two”
#tad-dal adj. “two-legged”
tadui num. ord. “second”
#taeg n. “boundary, limit, boundary line”
taer adj. “lofty”
#tagol n. “post, mark”
taid adj. “supporting, second in command”
taith n. “sign, symbol, mark”
tâl n. “foot; [lower] end”
talan n. “platform, flat space, flet [Middle English = ‘floor’]”
talath n. “flat lands, plain, vale”
talf n. “wang, flat field, topographical flat area”
#talraph n. “stirrup”
#tân n. “builder, smith, wright, artificer”
tarch adj. “stiff, rough (or tough)”
tarlang adj. and n. “proud, (lit.) stiff-necked; stiff neck (a nickname applied to men of haughty carriage or mood); the stiff/tough passage”
tas n. “index finger”
tathar n. “willow (tree)”
tathren adj. “of willow(s)”
taug adj. “firm, strong, (?withstand)”
taur n. “forest, wood”
tauron n. “forester”
tavn n. “thing made by handicraft”
taw¹ n. “wood as material”
taw² adv. “thither”
tawar n. “forest”
tawen adj. “wood (of material), ?wooden (of make)”
tegil n. “pen”
teitha- v. “to write, draw, inscribe, make marks or signs”
teleir adj. “*Telerin”
#ten pron. “*it, passive voice marker”
têw n. “letter”
tewch n. “(?chip)”
-th suf. “abstract noun”
thalion adj. and n. “strong, dauntless”
#thanc adj. and n. “forked”
#thand n. “shield”
thang n. “oppression, pressure”
thangail n. “shield-fence, shield-wall”
thar prep. and pref. “across, athwart, over”
tharan adj. “vigorous”
thaur adj. “abominable, horrible”
thel- v. “to intend, mean, purpose, resolve, will”
then pron. “*this” see sen
Thend n. “*Sinda, Grey-Elf”
thenn adj. “short” see thent
Thenneth n. “*Grey-Elf (f.)”
Thennor n. “*Grey-Elf (m.)”
thent adj. “short”
theria- v. “to be vigorous, flourish”
thî adv. “now” see
thind adj. “grey”
thinn adj. “grey” see thind
thîr n. “face”
tho- v. “*will be”
thôl n. “helmet, helm”
thôn n. “pine-tree”
thond n. “root”
thoniel adj. “kindler (in the past)”
thorn¹ adj. “steadfast”
thorn² n. “eagle” see thoron
thoron n. “eagle”
thos n. “puff (of air)”
thoss n. “fear”
thû¹ n. “horrible darkness, black mist”
thû² n. “movement of spirit”
thurin adj. “secret, hidden”
#ti pron. “*they”
till n. “point, spike, (sharp) horn, tine, ending”
tin n. “spark, sparkle, twinkle of stars” see tîn¹
tîn¹ n. “spark, sparkle, twinkle of stars”
#tîn² pron. “his”
tîn³ adj. “silent, quiet” see dîn
tínen adj. “silent” see dínen
#tinnu n. “*twilight”
#tir- v. “to look (towards), watch (over), guard”
#tíra- v. “to see”
tiria- v. “to watch, gaze; to ward, guard”
tirith n. “watching, guarding, watch, ward, guard”
#tirnen adj. “guarded”
tîw n. “*letter” see têw
#tol- v. “to come”
tolch n. “*sticker-up” see toleg
toleg n. “*sticker-up”
tolhui num. ord. “eighth” see tollui
tol(l) n. “island, (high steep-sided) isle”
tollui num. ord. “eighth”
tolod num. card. “eight” see tolodh
tolodh num. card. “eight”
#tolothen num. ord. “eighth”
tolthui num. ord. “eighth” see tollui
tor n. “the Dead”
torech n. “lair, (secret) hole, excavation”
torn¹ n. “burial mound”
torn² adj. “hidden, secret”
Torog n. “Troll”
#trann n. “shire, *county, adminitrative region”
trunc n. “great stake”
#tuil n. “spring”
tum n. “valley, vale”
#tûr n. “master”
-u suf. “a person or being”
ú- pref. “no, not, negative; impossible”
û adv. and interj. “no, not”
úbedui adj. “not fit to say, unspeakable”
úgarol adj. “idling, not now doing or making”
#úgarth n. “trespass, *(lit.) misdeed”
-ui suf. “-ful, having quality, adjective suffix; [as verbal suffix] possibility, suitability, *-able”
ui adv. “ever”
#ui- pref. “twi-”
uial n. “twilight, evendim”
uilos n. “white flower like a star”
?uir adj. “*fiery”
úland adj. “narrow, (lit.) not broad” see úlan(n)
úlan(n) adj. “narrow, (lit.) not broad”
ungol n. “spider”
únodui adj. “countless”
*ûr n. “fire”
urug n. “bogey”
Úrui n. “August, *Hot-one”
úthaes n. “inducement to do wrong, *temptation”
úvelui adj. “not amiable, unloveable”
vanedhel adj. “elven fair” see wanedhel
vi prep. “in” see mi
wanedhel adj. “elven fair”
wá(wa) n. “breeze[?]” see hwaewar
-we suf. “person, being, individual”
-weg¹ suf. “active in doing”
-weg² suf. “*name suffix” see -we
-wen suf. “maiden, *female suffix”
ylf n. “drinking-vessel, *cup”
yneb num. card. “*twelve”
ýneg num. card. “twelve”