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S. felagund n. “den-dweller; brock, badger” (Category: Animals (other))

⚠️S. felagund, n. “den-dweller; brock, badger” (Category: Animals (other))
ᴺS. !eriab “badger”

A word for “brock, badger”, more literally “den-dweller”, appearing in 1969 notes as a late etymology for the name Felagund (NM/304). In this scenario, the name “den-dweller” was given to Felagund somewhat derisively by the sons of Fëanor referring to his tendency to hide away in Nargothrond (NM/304). However, in The Sillmarillion as published, Christopher Tolkien used the explanation that the name was given to Finrod by the Dwarves and meant “cave-hewer”, based on marginal notes from 1959 in Tolkien’s copy of The Silmarillion itself (PM/352).

Neo-Sindarin: Since I prefer the Silmarillion origin for the name Felagund, I would not use this word for “badger”. I would instead suggest a neologism ᴺS. eriab based on ᴱQ. oryat (oryap-).

Reference ✧ NM/304 ✧ Felagund “den-dweller; brock, badger”


fela “mine, boring, tunnel, underground dwelling; minor excavations, den” ✧ NM/304
^#cund “*prince” soft-mutation ✧ NM/304 (-gund)