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S. hwaewar n. “breeze[?]” (Category: Breeze)

S. hwaewar, n. “breeze[?]” (Category: Breeze)

A noun in Quenya Notes (QN) from 1957 appearing as whaewar “breeze”, though the gloss is unclear (PE17/34). A more typical Sindarin spelling would be hwaewar. Some similar forms appeared nearby, including gwāw and hwâ, possibly of the same meaning. Two such forms, and wáwa, were marked Sindarin but probably were actually primitive or archaic forms.

Neo-Sindarin: Of these forms, I prefer hwaewar “breeze” for purposes of Neo-Sindarin.

References ✧ PE17/34




Phonetic Developments

> whaewar [swaiwar] > [w̥aiwar] > [w̥aewar] ✧ PE17/34
> gwāw [wā] > [wǭ] > [gwǭ] > [gwau] ✧ PE17/34
SWAW > hwâ [swa] > [w̥a] > [w̥ā] ✧ PE17/34