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S. #lain n. “thread, warp, ‽twine” (Category: Thread)

S. #lain, n. “thread, warp” (Category: Thread)

An element in the name of the grey elvish rope S. hithlain (LotR/371) which in a note from the late 1960s was glossed “grey thread” and derived from √LAN “stretch, extend; ?twine” (PE17/60). As such, the word lain probably means “thread”. Tolkien later wrote “warp” after hithlain, probably an alternate meaning of lain, likely with the sense of cross-threads as in the “warp and weft” that are part of weaving in a loom.

Reference ✧ PE17/60 ✧ “thread, warp, ‽twine”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

‽√LAN > #lain [lanja] > [lania] > [lenia] > [leni] > [lein] > [lain] ✧ PE17/60