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S. parth n. “field, enclosed grassland, sward” (Category: Plain, Field)

S. parth, n. “field, enclosed grassland, sward, *meadow” (Category: Plain, Field)
G. flad “sward, grass”
G. fladwen “meadow, grassland”

An element in the names S. Parth Celebrant “Field of Celebrant” and S. Parth Galen “Green Sward”, variously translated “field, enclosed grassland” (UT/260) or “sward” = “*field of short grass” (RC/349). Its etymology is unclear: it might be a derivative of √PAR “arrange”. It may also be a later iteration of N. pathw “level place, sward” < ᴹ√PATH, and is perhaps derived from *path-re with metathesis to parth(e).

References ✧ PM/330; RC/349; UT/260



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