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S. #gorth¹ [ng-] adj. and n. “dead; dead (person)” (Category: Corpse, Body)

S. #gorth¹ [ng-], adj. and n. “dead; dead (person)” (Category: Corpse, Body)

A noun for a “dead [person]” appearing its plural form in the phrase Dor Gyrth i Chuinar “Land of the Dead that Live” (Let/417) and its mutated class-plural form in the phrase Fui ’Ngorthrim “Paths of the Dead” (RC/526). It is clearly based on the root √ÑGUR “death”. In a Discord conversation from 2022-10-14, Lokyt suggested that this form is likely a nominalized adjective, from primitive *ngurtā “dead”. As such, it can probably be used as both an adjective for “dead” and a noun for a “dead (person)”.

References ✧ Let/417; NM/364; RC/526


Gyrth plural “the Dead” ✧ Let/417
Gyrth plural “dead” ✧ NM/364
’Ngorthrim soft-mutation class-plural; ng-mutation “the Dead” ✧ RC/526

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