S. Raith ’Ngorthrim loc. “Paths of the Dead”

⚠️S. Raith ’Ngorthrim, loc. “Paths of the Dead”

A rejected Sindarin name for the Paths of the Dead appearing in Tolkien’s “Unfinished Index” of The Lord of the Rings, replaced by Fui ’Ngorthrim (RC/526). It appears to be a combination of the plural of rath “street” and the lenited class-plural of gorth¹ “dead (person)”.

Reference ✧ RC/526 ✧ “Paths of the Dead”


rath “street” plural ✧ RC/526 (Raith)
#gorth¹ “dead; dead (person)” soft-mutation class-plural ✧ RC/526 (’Ngorthrim)