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S. Ogol n. “?Elf” (Category: Elf, Fairy)

S. Ogol, n. “?Elf” (Category: Elf, Fairy)

An untranslated term appearing between the names of different names for the Noldor and possibly other Elf-tribes on the back page of Notes on Names (NN) from 1957 (PE17/142). It stems from some very rough notes in which Tolkien considered many different forms listed one after the other, so the connections presented here are somewhat tentative.

It has multiple different plural forms: a regular form egyl < ✶okoli, and multiple forms for variants, where the word derives from ✶oklō, via syllabificaion of -l > -ol:

References ✧ PE17/142




egyl plural ✧ PE17/142
ogyl plural ✧ PE17/142
ygil plural ✧ PE17/142; PE17/142; PE17/142
ygl plural ✧ PE17/142; PE17/142
ygli plural ✧ PE17/142; PE17/142; PE17/142
ygyl plural ✧ PE17/142
œgyl plural ✧ PE17/142
ogil plural ? ✧ PE17/142

Element In



Phonetic Developments

okli > ygli [okli] > [ukli] > [ykli] > [ygli] ✧ PE17/142
okli > ygil [okli] > [ukli] > [ykli] > [ygli] > [ygl] > [ygil] ✧ PE17/142
oklō > ogl [oklō] > [ogl] > [ogol] ✧ PE17/142
okoli > ogyl [okoli] > [okuli] > [œkyli] > [œgyli] > [œgyl] > [egyl] ✧ PE17/142