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S. ernil n. “prince” (Category: Prince)

S. ernil, n. “prince” (Category: Prince)
ᴱN. thing “prince”
G. bridhon “king, prince”

A noun for “prince” appearing in phrases like Ernil i Pheriannath “Prince of the Halflings” (LotR/768) and Dor-en-Ernil “Land of the Prince” (UT/245). Its initial element is likely a reduced form of aran “king, noble person”; compare to ar(a)- “noble” of similar origin. If so, the a became e due to i-affection. The final -il is harder to explain, because normally -il is a feminine suffix. Perhaps it is a reduction of hîl “heir”, so that the literal meaning is “*king’s heir, royal heir”.

Conceptual Development: N. ernil also appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (WR/287).

References ✧ Let/425; LotR/768, 807; UT/245



aran “king, lord, chief, (lit.) high or noble person”
#hîl? “heir”

Element In

N. ernil n. “prince” (Category: Prince)

See S. ernil for discussion.

Reference ✧ WR/287 ✧ Ernil


aran “king, lord (of a specific region)”

Element In